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New paper on how to enhance intervention process evaluations with latent profile analyses


We have published a new paper!


In research on intervention outcome and even process evaluations, the usual practice is to focus on average results — but this masks understanding of different types of participants. What may the average hide? In this paper, we look at how to use latent profile analysis methodology to estimate different types of participant responses to interventions, using a mindfulness intervention as a case example. More specifically, we look at different patterns of firstly, social cognitions about mindfulness exercises post-intervention, and secondly, mindfulness practice trajectories over time. The paper also demonstrates how to investigate how the types are associated with demographic variables and mental health outcomes.


The paper can be useful guide for other researchers working in intervention process evaluation in also other domains.


Reference: Beattie, M. M., Konttinen, H. M., Volanen, S-M., & Hankonen, N. E. (2022). Latent profile analysis as a method for process evaluations: Discovering response subgroups in a mindfulness intervention. Social Science & Medicine.


Find the full paper here.

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