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The BeCS Network coordinates and develops research and research-based practice around behaviour change and intervention science. We bring together scholars and practitioners from a wide variety of multidisciplinary backgrounds, who share an interest in behaviour change theories and methodologies.

About BeCS

Central themes for research groups within BeCS include digital technologies in behaviour change, motivational processes, intervention development and evaluation, and behavioural approaches to mitigating large-scale crises. Members of BeCS study a variety of behaviours, including health behaviour (e.g. physical activity and dietary behaviour), interaction behaviour (e.g. engagement styles among health professionals), mental-health promoting behaviours (e.g. mindfulness practice), and personal protective behaviours (e.g. mask wearing). Research is conducted in several settings, including health care services, schools, government and the workplace. Find more information about BeCS members and research projects under Community.

Join us!

We also aim to bring together researchers with policy makers and other actors to make better use of the science of developing and evaluating effective interventions, to best solve challenges related to behaviour change. We aim to improve the uptake and use of research on influencing behaviour in public policy making. We coordinate activities that join academic researchers and practitioners interested in behaviour change. We warmly welcome all interested to attend the BeCS seminar that features speakers from our network and beyond, presenting work in progress and work completed.