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The 3rd BeSP symposium: Reverse translation: Practice-based evidence


How to accelerate quality of research and science by investigating practice-generated solutions? The 3rd BeSP symposium Reverse translation: Practice-based evidence was an open, multidisciplinary symposium tackling this issue. Symposium featured topics on how to advance collaborative knowledge production via practice research (research-mindedness), and seeked novel ways to develop practices and knowhow through experimentation. The 1-day event was once again fully booked and many followed the live stream.


View the recordings here:




Prof. Christa Fouche: Results to Practice: Navigating Complexities to Create Meaningful Impact

Prof. Ilse Julkunen: Beyond Knowledge Translation – Making Sense of Relations and Alliances

PhD, Docent Keegan Knittle: Experience-Based Design: Improving services and interventions

PhD Heidi Muurinen: Reasoning and knowledge production in practical experiments

Adj. Prof. Aino Kääriäinen: Integrating theory and practice in social work

Prof. Antti Malmivaara: How to study and advance effectiveness in health care: optimizing medicine

Prof. Taru Lintunen: Practice-Based Research: Use of Action Research Case Study Method and Personal Experiences in Physical Activity Contexts

B.Soc.Sc. Lari Hokkanen: Translating practices into policy relevant evidence within the policy process: Design for Government Framework as a Case


More information is available on the Reverse translation: Practice-based evidence website.