BeCS Seminar

Seminar organized by the BeCS Network in Finland

Monthly meetings Online on Zoom


The BeCS (Behaviour Change Science) seminar features speakers from our network and beyond, presenting work in progress and work completed. The seminar series is organized by the BeCS Network in Finland. Anyone interested in our topics is welcome to join the seminar!


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Autumn 2022 schedule and speakers:

Thursday 29.9. at 15-17

Matti Heino: Complexity-informed interventions from participants’ self-quantified narratives: Innovation or a marketing ploy?


Dr Katri Kostamo: Iteratiivinen ja monimenetelmällinen osatutkimus Let’s Move It -intervention prosessiarvioinnissa

Thursday 27.10. at 15-17

Dr Elina Renko: Learning narrative competence: qualitative evaluation of social work and health care professionals’ experiences of participating in a reflective writing course


Eleonoora Hintsa: Identification and use of habit promoting techniques for physical activity maintenance

Tuesday 8.11. at 8.45-9.45

Dr Karoline Villinger: Dyadic behavior change in romantic couples

Monday 14.11. at 8.45-9.45

Dr Olga Perski: Improving the precision of behaviour change theories: Study protocol for the development and validation of a dynamic computational model of lapse risk in smokers attempting to stop (COMPLAPSE)

Tuesday 13.12. at 15-17

Melina Puolamäki: Improving motivational interaction styles of physical activity promotion and sports professionals: preliminary results from the feasibility study


Dr Katri Kostamo: Experiences of advancing the use of behavioural science in public policy: an expert interview study

Spring 2022 schedule and speakers:

Thursday 27.1. at 15-17

Asst Prof Keegan Knittle: Feasibility study of the In Charge Intervention


Kaisa Saurio: Psychology’s next crisis is a measurement crisis

Thursday 17.2. at 15-17

Dr Olga Perski: Technology-mediated just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAIs) to reduce harmful substance use: a systematic review


Minttu Palsola: Using behaviour change theories to improve uptake of motivating interaction styles: Preliminary results from the MotiStyleSport pretest phase

Thursday 10.3. at 15-17

Matti Heino: Insights from complexity science to complement traditional behaviour change investigations


Malin Ekholm: Systematic review of interventions to increase treatment adherence in chronic kidney disease.

Thursday 7.4. at 15-17

Dr Matthias Aulbach: Prejudice reduction as behavior change interventions?


Dr Katri Kostamo: Qualitative analysis of situation-specific influences on face mask use during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Wednesday 11.5. at 15-17

Dr Elina Renko: Individual complex pathways of changing motivational interaction behaviours: Qualitative process evaluation with a complex systems lens


Prof Nelli Hankonen: The role of behavioural theory in intervention development

Tuesday 14.6. at 14-15.30

Prof. Nelli Hankonen (TAU): Understanding intervention participants’ behaviour change pathways


Asst. Prof. Keegan Knittle (JYU): Overview of the ProAct project – Developing theory-based interventions to promote physical activity in sedentary parent-child dyads


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